The Dangers of Free Software

Free software comes with hidden risks to your PC. You’ve heard the term “bundling” where you buy one product and receive another product for free or at a discount. In most cases you know what you’re getting. However in the world of free software “bundling” can be a deceptive practice. Legitimate products like Adobe Reader offer you the option to download add-ons such as an antivirus or Intel security product. You can decline and safely download the original free Adobe software.

However there is a murkier side to free software which can cause security threats, infections and your PC to slow to a crawl.  Be aware that when downloading free software like a search engine service or a free Clean my PC utility most freeware download websites monetize their free services by employing ‘download clients’ offering installation of advertised browser plug-ins together with the chosen free program. Once you give permission to that program you have unwittingly given permission to all their marketing partners to bombard your PC with free software and add-ons.

Tip of the Day

“When installing downloaded programs, choose the ‘Custom’ or ‘Advanced’ installation options, rather than ‘Quick’ or ‘Typical’ – this will reveal installation of any bundled adware”

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