Computer Setup

Ever wanted your new PC to work the way you like right out of the box?

The simple reality is that it usually requires hours of frustration and configuration to get the PC to a level you are comfortable with. Most PC manufacturers are paid to include certain Antivirus and trial software on new PCs which can result in consumers purchasing subscriptions and software that are not necessary.pcunpack

Did you know that Internet service providers such as Comcast and CenturyLink offer free antivirus software for home users? These antivirus programs are identical to ones you can be duped into paying for after the 30 or 90 day trial subscription expires.

Karma Tech can make the transition to a new device seamless and stress free. Our technicians know how to migrate all your data files, personal settings and favorites right to your new desktop. As part of the migration process, Karma Tech will remove all trial ware and minimize the personal information you share online.

This service is available onsite or as an online remote desktop session.