Computer Repair

Is your desktop or laptop slowing down? Can you make a cup of coffee while it starts up each morning?pcslow

Over time program updates can bloat your operating system and cause it to run slowly. Installing duplicate programs and services can consume your PC’s memory and impact performance.

Karma Tech can identify and resolve operating system issues and remove the startup clutter to get your PC back to optimum running performance. We will educate you on what programs you really need and how to prevent issues from reoccurring.

Maybe you can breath some new life into an old PC by switching to a Linux operating system like Ubuntu. Ask us how.


Need a larger hard drive , a new DVD drive or possibly more memory for playing games?

Our technicians can test, repair or replace the most common PC hardware components.

When is it time to upgrade your PC?

The simple answer would be when your PC can no longer efficiently run a newer operating system like Windows 10 or when Microsoft no longer supports an operating system like Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Karma Tech can assist you in deciding if it’s worth upgrading your current PC or donating that old clunker to charity.

Disposal and Donation

Let Karma Tech securely dispose of your old PC or laptop. Our technicians utilize data destruction software to permanently erase your hard drive.

Karma Tech participates in recycle programs that benefit developing countries. Your old hardware can be re-purposed for use in Third World educational programs.