Network Services

Karma Tech can assist in designing and implementing core data and voice networks, utilizing traditional routing and switching technologies, as well as, advanced security, wireless and optical networks. While some IT companies maintain your existing network, Karma Tech would like to manage your network infrastructure.

Network Monitoring

You have to know at all times the status of your systems, so you can optimize performance. Karma Tech continuously monitors your WAN/LAN circuits and devices for potential problems. Our helpdesk sends automated alerts and issue tracking updates and coordinates issue resolution with your outside vendors.

Network Security

Most companies install a firewall appliance for network security and forget about it. Today’s network security requires a unified approach using a combination of cloud services and an on premise appliance. The greatest threat to a network can occur from inside a company. Threats such as data loss, whether accidental or malicious, can put a company at risk and open to prosecution in the financial and healthcare industries. Karma Tech can assist with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and ensure you do not have to choose between performance and protection.

Remote Access & Secure VPN

Offer secure mobile and remote access for your employees through a firewall appliance. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows individuals to remotely establish secure connections with their home office and access resources as if they were plugged into their local office network. Site-to-Site VPNs allow companies to connect two or more offices together over private or public networks.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networks have become a key part of business infrastructure. Vendors need access to the Internet during meetings to display information about their latest products. Employees and their families are so interconnected through the Internet that companies offer Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) internet access programs. Wireless networks can be designed to limit access, limit signal range and utilize multiple access points to offer signal continuity.