Protecting Your Networks from Ransomware – ZyXEL

Most of us are familiar with malware—software designed to damage, disable, or in some other way harm networks and data. Not only has malware become more common, it has evolved into an increasingly advanced and diverse threat that can cripple wired or wireless networks in a variety of ways. The latest and most damaging form is known as ransomware. This category of malevolent code literally holds networks and data hostage until some form of ransom is paid for their release.

Ransomware can destroy business networks if it is not held in check. Hackers frequently use it to cut network users off from access to their systems and important data, while demanding a “ransom” for their release. This can lead to loss of revenue or potentially cause businesses to shut down completely.

zyxelutmKeep in mind that ransomware events not only happen over the Internet, but also occur via shared files on removable media (e.g. flash drive) or external hard drives. Here is some helpful advice:

  • Do not open unknown hyperlinks or files from untrustworthy sources.
  • Build dual anti-virus protection on gateway and client side, and don’t forget to update signatures to latest version.
  • Always remember to update the host operating system, browser, and browser plug-in with latest security patches.
  • Remember to regularly backup your system and files. In the event of an intrusion or attack, IT staff may be able to restore to a previous point.
  • Defense at the point of network entry. You need a robust UTM (Unified Threats Management)/Firewall to protect you against digital threats from the moment they enter the network.


To protect your business from Ransomware, Karma Tech recommends installing a ZyXEL UTM Firewall with completely integrated security for remote offices, retail outlets, medical offices and small businesses.