Protecting Your Networks from Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts critical data files on PCs and network servers. This type of attack typically results in downtime for a business. Even if you have online backups of your data it can take hours or even days to get your business back up to speed. There is no guarantee after paying a ransom that the data is usable. The total cost runs into thousands of dollars when you consider lost business, lost productivity, brand damage and possible credit monitoring for your entire client base.

To protect your business from Ransomware, Karma Tech recommends installing a KNG Firewall with completely integrated security for remote offices, retail outlets, medical offices and small businesses.

Of course a firewall is only part of the solution. User education plays a critical role. Here are some helpful tips to share with your staff.

  • Do not open unknown web links or files from untrustworthy sources.
  • Update your Anti-Virus daily
  • Always remember to keep your PCs updated with the latest Microsoft, Google or Apple OS patches and browser plug-in patches.
  • Regularly backup your files and occasionally restore a file to make sure it’s working!
  • See something, Say something. It takes teamwork to keep a network safe. If you mess up, own it. Your IT staff and company management will thank you.

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