Tired of upgrading that Exchange server?

Do you still have an Exchange server in your office?

Well you are not alone, however more and more of our clients are moving services off site and using Google Business apps as a mail server replacement. The benefits are many. No more investment in hardware or worrying about failed hard drives, power surges and constant security patches. No more expensive calls to your IT techs when an exchange patch fails.

As for the administration side of things, it is a simple point and click interface to add and manage email account users. Google Business integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook. You can upload all your existing messages to your hosted server, sync contacts, share calendars and collaborate with your fellow workers. Google keeps all your devices up to date. In addition to the hosted email service, Google business offers video conferencing, voice calls and online storage.

Give us a call today to talk about moving your legacy systems to the Google. We specialize in migration training for those employees who are resistant to change 🙂

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